POD SALT 2500 Puffs

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Jamil Khan
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POD SALT 2500 Puffs in Dubai, UAE

POD SALT 2500 Puffs offers a convenient and long-lasting vaping experience for enthusiasts. With a high puff count, this device provides extended usage without the need for frequent refills or recharging. Designed for simplicity and portability, it is ideal for on-the-go vaping.

The device features a pre-filled pod system, eliminating the hassle of manual refilling and ensuring consistent flavor delivery with every puff. Additionally, its compact and sleek design makes it discreet and easy to carry in pockets or purses. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vaper, POD SALT 2500 Puffs caters to a wide range of preferences and lifestyles. Explore the world of vaping with enhanced convenience and satisfaction, courtesy of this innovative and efficient device.

Available Flavors of  POD SALT 2500 Puffs

– Cantaloupe Ice
– Banana Ice
– Candy
– Grape
– Mango Ice
– Orange
– Pineapple
– Strawberry
– Watermelon Breeze


  • E-liquid capacity: 7ml
  • Nicotine Type: Nicotine Salt
  • Nicotine Strength: 20mg/ml
  • Puffs approx: 2500
  • Battery Capacity: 1100mAh


  1. Q: What is POD SALT 2500 Puffs?
    • A: POD SALT 2500 Puffs is a disposable vape device designed to provide up to 2500 puffs of flavorful vapor without the need for refilling or recharging.
  2. Q: How long does a POD SALT 2500 Puffs device last?
    • A: The longevity of a POD SALT 2500 Puffs device depends on individual usage, but it typically offers around 2500 puffs, making it suitable for extended vaping sessions.
  3. Q: What flavors are available in POD SALT 2500 Puffs?
    • A: POD SALT 2500 Puffs comes in a variety of flavors, ranging from fruity to menthol and tobacco blends, catering to diverse preferences among vapers.
  4. Q: Is POD SALT 2500 Puffs suitable for beginners?
    • A: Yes, POD SALT 2500 Puffs is user-friendly and convenient, making it an excellent choice for beginners or those looking for hassle-free vaping experiences.
  5. Q: How does POD SALT 2500 Puffs compare to traditional vaping devices?
    • A: Unlike traditional vaping devices, POD SALT 2500 Puffs is disposable, eliminating the need for maintenance, refilling e-liquid, or charging batteries, offering a convenient and portable vaping solution.


High Puff Capacity: With 2500 puffs, this disposable vape provides an ample supply of vapor for an extended vaping experience. Whether you’re a casual or regular vaper, this device offers a generous puff count before it needs to be replaced.

Compact and Portable: The disposable vape is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry in your pocket, purse, or bag. It is designed to be portable, allowing you to enjoy your vaping experience wherever you go.

Pre-filled E-liquid: The device comes pre-filled with e-liquid, eliminating the need for manual refilling. This saves you time and effort, ensuring a hassle-free vaping experience. The pre-filled e-liquid also provides consistent flavor and vapor production.

No Maintenance: This disposable vape requires no maintenance or cleaning. Once the device is depleted or the battery runs out, you simply dispose of it responsibly and replace it with a new one.

User-Friendly Design: The device is designed for ease of use, making it suitable for both experienced and novice vapers. It typically features a draw-activated mechanism, which means you can simply inhale to activate the device and start vaping.

Immerse yourself in the tantalizing taste of ripe and juicy cantaloupe blended with a touch of invigorating menthol. The sweet and refreshing notes of cantaloupe perfectly complement the cool and icy sensation, creating a harmonious flavor profile.

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Cantaloupe Ice, Banana Ice, Candy, Cantaloupe Ice, Grape, Mango Ice, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, Watermelon Breeze


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